Welcome to Willow Tree Medicine

What is Willow Tree Medicine

Willow Tree Medicine is a healing center which focuses on healing on the energetic level. Willow Tree believes that all dis-ease and dis-comfort stems from a disruption in your Luminous Energy Field which then can manifest in the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies. By clearing these beliefs, trauma, stories, blocks, and imbalances; we can then help to facilitate your bodies own innate ability to heal. 

Intuitive Energy Healing

Private intuitive energy healing sessions can help you to clear your luminous energy field helping you to feel more whole and bring more joy, love, vitality and passion to your life. We do this by utilizing various energy healing modalities and intuitive abilities


Willow Tree Medicine hosts various groups to support you along your healing journey. Meditation, shamanic journey, intuitive building, sisterhood circles, and spiritual mentorship groups to help you learn the tools you need to empower you in your own healing work and give you a compassionate community of like minded souls to support you along the way.


Willow Tree Medicine also teaches the healing arts. Learn how to cleanse your own home and space, Reiki level 1 & 2 and Reiki Master Teacher along with Shamanic practitioner training can teach you how to bring healing into your everyday life and how to help your family and friends.

Join the Willow Tree Medicine community and find your tribe!