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Services and Fees

Krista provides many ways to assist you along your path.  Private energy healing sessions, workshops, classes, retreats and special events. Not sure which one is right for you? Give Krista a call today.

Energy Healing Session

Krista uses a variety of tools and techniques to balance your chakras and heal any wounds found in your energy field. This may include, clearing chakras, psychic surgery, cord cutting,  sound healing, energy removal, soul retrieval, grounding or healing past life trauma. Sessions typically last 1.5 hours

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Personal Meditation Practice

In a private one on one Krista can help you to deepen your meditation practice. 1 hour session

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Past Life Regression

This is a 2 hour in person guided visualization. Taking you into the Theta state to recall the memories of your past lives. You are usually conscious during these sessions. Session will be recorded in the event you are not.

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Healer Training

Krista holds classes, workshops and retreats regularly to teach and guide you along your healing path. She teaches Reiki, Energy Healing, Shamanic Healing and Sound Healing. Whether you wish to use this knowledge professionally or personally, Krista can be a continuing source of guidance and education along your path. See information below.

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Spiritual Mentorship

Private or group mentorship is available to help you along your spiritual path. Krista will guide you along in a gentle yet encouraging way to heal your wounds, face your shadows and become more whole allowing you to see your purpose more clearly before you. Pricing is for a 2 hour private session. See group pricing below.

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Usui Reiki Certification Courses

Reiki Training with Certification

Reiki Level 1


Best Package Offer

What is Reiki

History or Reiki

Scanning & Beaming

Receive Reiki Lvl 1 Attunement

Elements of a Reiki Session

Self Reiki

Class Schedule

Reiki Level 2


$20 discount for return students

Reiki Symbols

Healing Habbits & Patterns

Distance Reiki Session

Three Pillars of Reiki

Receive Reiki lvl 2 Attunement

Complete Reiki Session on Others

Developing your Reiki Practice

Class Schedule

Reiki Master Teacher


Reiki Meditation

Crystal Grids

Aura Clearing

Master Reiki Symbols

Receive Reiki Master Attunement

The Healing  Attunement

How to Teach & Attune Others

Chakra Dowsing with Pendulum

Class Schedule

Spiritual Mentorship Program

Dive in, the water is warm

Please Contact Krista Directly to Register for this Class

Monthly Membership Program

Each Month we will gather as a group for a 5 hour class in Krista's home, in South Mills, NC, to review, learn new tools for healing and spiritual growth, and be given homework for the month ahead.  Monthly membership is paid for each class you attend. It is not a draft or automatic payment. However, you are encouraged to attend as many classes as possible.

Monthly Membership is $40 per month.

$50 Registration fee Required.

You get the 5 hr group gathering, monthly materials

Support Packages

Krista offers Support packages at a discount to her hourly rate for continued support with your mentorship.

Support Package # 1    $50      ($150 value)

This package includes:

• one 2-hour distance session to include any of the following based on your needs, journeying on your behalf, guidance and information from Krista's guides on your behalf, energy healing, tarot reading, etc.

• One 1-hour follow up phone conversation

Support Package # 2    $100    ($250 value)

• Everything in package #1

• 1.5-2 hour in person one on one. 

What will we be doing in the Mentorship Program?

I will allow this group to be guided organically based on the spiritual needs of the group.

Here are some of the possible topics and tools we can cover:

What you can expect from me as your Spiritual Mentor/Shamanic Practitioner

What I expect of you as my student

What it means to be on a Spiritual path

What is Enlightenment and how to get there

How to find your purpose and Destiny

Deepening your connection to your guides

Shamanic Journey


Learning the language of Spirit

Shadow Work

Healing our past wounds

Past Lives

Belief Systems

Sacred Geometry

Sacred Space




Divination of all sorts

Soul Retrieval for self

Not only will you learn new topics and tools for growth, but we will walk with you in your own personal spiritual work. You will bring what you have been working on to the next meeting and we will discuss possible ways to move forward and through what you are working on. We will not do the work for you. However, we will be present for you as you do your own work.


Advanced Healer Training Certification Course

Are you an experience healer who is ready to to take their work to the next level? Have you been shown things in your healing sessions which spark your curiosity and desire for more comprehensive training? Do you wish for the proper tools, technique and protection to better serve yourself and your clients? Open to experienced Healers.

Certain assumptions will be made as to your experience level. If you are not ready, you may get lost. This is an intensive in-depth course. There will not be time to cover the basics of energy healing. If you have any questions at all regarding the coursework or your experience level, give me a call. 

Krista Ginn 757-635-0761

What is an Experienced Healer?

At the end of they day, only you can say for sure if you are ready for this course. It would be safe to say however, that if you have been a healer or say, Reiki level 2, for a year or less...or you perhaps have been a healer for a long time, but only dabble in it here and there, this is probably not the class for you.

If you know you are on the healer's path and have reached a point where you have exceeded your current training and are looking for ways to expand and deepen your ability to facilitate healing in others, in an ethical way, then this is the class for you.

Course Material

In this course you will learn the following tools and techniques along with the knowledge needed to understand how they work and why.

Shamanic Journeying

Creating Sacred Space

Working with intention


Chakra dowsing and clearing

Cut cords

Remove heavy energy, trauma, thought forms

Remove conscious attachments

You will also learn my personal tools and techniques

You will also receive 

2 Rites of the Munay Ki:

Healer's Rite

Bands of Power

There will be a future weekend workshop to cover Advanced Healer Training on Soul attachments, Soul fragments and Soul retrieval.

When, Where & How Much?

Friday Jan 25th through Sunday Jan 27th

Krista's home South Mills, NC

Class times (21+ hours):

Friday 5PM to 10PM

Saturday 9AM to 5PM (or later if needed)

Sunday 9AM to 5PM

Cost is $700 

Contact me for availability and payment arrangements.

Snacks and drinks provided. Bring your own lunch on Sat & Sun.

Limited Seating Available.  Address given upon registration.

What are the Rites of the Munay Ki?

The Munay-Ki are a series of nine Empowerment rites based on the initiatory practices of the Q'ero shamans of Peru, as taught by anthropologist Alberto Villoldo. They are energetic transmissions to plant the seeds of healing, gifts, abilities and protection. It is up to you to nurture and cultivate those seeds.

You will receive shamanic Rites and some shamanic training. This is not the medicine wheel and you will not consider yourself a shamanic practitioner upon completion.

If you are interested in the Medicine Wheel training. Contact me and I will put you on our list. The advanced healer training will only enhance your experience of the medicine wheel if you choose to take that path.