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Services and Fees

Krista provides many ways to assist you along your path.  Private energy healing sessions, workshops, classes, retreats and special events. Not sure which one is right for you? Give Krista a call today.

Intuitive Energy Healing

Krista utilizes many different healing modalities to include: Shamanic Healing, Sound, Reiki, Past Life Regression, Shamanic Journey, and Guided Visualizations. She also works with the healing energies of Stones, Feathers, Crystals, Sage, Palo Santo, and Breath. She allows her intuition and Spirit to guide her during each session utilizing the tools and techniques required for each individual clients needs at that moment. Therefore the experience of an energy healing session with Krista will vary from person to person and from session to session.

You will begin by explaining why you are there and what intentions you have for the session. Then you will remove your shoes and lie on the table full clothed. The majority of your time will be spent on the healing table. Krista may have you stand or move your body as is appropriate and comfortable for you. There is no massage or manipulation of the body involved. As we work and the energy begins to move and flow, you may feel different physical, emotional, mental, and/or Spiritual sensations. These are all natural and part of the healing process.

After your session, it is important to be gentle with yourself. Drink plenty of clean water, eat light, and rest if you feel the need. Epsom Salt baths can be very helpful (providing you do not have any medical restrictions to Epsom Salt baths) in the healing process as you will continue to release old, unhealthy energetic imprints in the days that follow your energy healing session. And remember that Krista is here to walk with you on your healing path. You are not alone. This service is $75 per session

Past Life Regression

Krista is trained in the QHHT method of past life regression. It is a technique taught by Dolores Cannon. Accessing our past lives can help us to better understand the life we are living now, it's challenges and how we relate to other people in our lives. Once we have accessed our past lives, we then connect with the subconscious. It can be a very powerful healing tool. A typical QHHT session last 4+ hours. The  service $200 for the session and $25 for every half hour over 4 hours. Your session audio will be recorded and available for download.

Reiki Healing

Reiki is a gentle hands-on healing technique utilizing Spiritually guided life-force energy to awaken your body's own innate ability to heal. Reiki has it's origins in Japan. The word Reiki comes from the Japanese word (Rei) which means “Universal Life” and (Ki) which means “Energy” Reiki is the energy or Life-force that flows through all things and is all around us. When your Ki or energy is blocked or not flowing freely, you can feel fatigued, depressed, anxiety or develop physical symptoms. Having a session with a Reiki Practitioner can help you to release those blocks and increase your energy flow. In a reiki session, the energy is guided Spiritually and with intention for your greatest good. Reiki is not, however, affiliated with any religious practice, belief or suggestion. A reiki session lasts about an hour with about 45 min of reiki. These sessions consist primarily of energy work with very little discussion. They are not the same as Krista's intuitive healing sessions or Shamanic sessions. She will discuss your intention for the session. Then Krista sets the intention for the session and "steps aside" allowing Reiki energy to pass through her and guide her intuitively. This service is $60 for one hour.

Chakra Clearing

There are 7 main energy centers in the human body called Chakras. These energy vortexes help up to process energy in and energy out. Often we have old beliefs, traumas, thoughts, etc.. which get stuck and block these energy centers from functioning properly, leaving us to feel, tired, anxiety, depressed, disconnected and unwell. These feelings can also be a result of our busy lifestyle and our disconnection from nature. During a Chakra clearing session, Krista will dowse your energy centers, clear any blocks, make repairs and ground you to Mother Earth. A chakra clearing session lasts about an hour with about 45 min of treatment. These sessions are similar to the reiki session with the focus bringing all of your chakras into balance. This service is $60 for one hour.

Full Shamanic Healing Session

A Full Shamanic Healing Session is much like an Intuitve Energy Healing session. These sessions last longer and allow Krista the time and space to facilitate your healing on a much deeper level. She will check for energy cords, heavy energy stuck in you Luminous Energy Field, curses, past life trauma, soul pieces and much more. Krista will pull up the core wound and unhelpful belief by the roots and bring it into the conscious awareness to that it can be healed and transformed. This service is $150 for 3 hours

Spirit Walking

Krista can travel to the Spirit realm, via shamanic journey, on your behalf, to speak to your guides,  retrieve power animals, to gain insights, answer questions, clear blocks and perform energy healing. This is done without the need of you being present and is a great supplement to a private session. Krista begins by spending time in meditation and connecting with her own spirit team. She will give you a written account of this journey along with intuitive insights she may have upon completion.  The whole process can take 3-4 hours.This service is $120 and $80 when paired with a private energy healing session.

Spiritual Mentorship Program

Dive in, the water is warm

Please Contact Krista Directly to Register for this Class

Monthly Mentorship Program

Each Month we will gather as a group for a 5 hour class in Krista's home, in South Mills, NC, to review, learn new tools for healing and spiritual growth, and be given homework for the month ahead.  Monthly fee is paid for each class you attend. It is not a draft or automatic payment. However, you are encouraged to attend as many classes as possible. We will be building on the knowledge and skills we gain.

Monthly Fee is $40 

One time $50 Registration fee Required

Support Packages

Krista offers Support packages at a discount to her hourly rate for continued support with your mentorship.

Support Package # 1    $75      ($170 value)

This package includes:

• One 2-3-hour distance Spirit Walk/Energy Work to include any of the following based on your needs, journeying on your behalf, guidance and information from Krista's guides on your behalf, energy healing, tarot reading, etc.

• One 1-hour follow up phone conversation and full write up

Support Package # 2    $125    ($245 value)

• Everything in package #1

• 1.5-2 hour in person one on one. 

What will we be doing in the Mentorship Program?

I will allow this group to be guided organically based on the spiritual needs of the group.

Here are some of the possible topics and tools we can cover:

What you can expect from me as your Spiritual Mentor/Shamanic Practitioner

What I expect of you as my student

What it means to be on a Spiritual path

What is Enlightenment and how to get there

How to find your purpose and Destiny

Deepening your connection to your guides

Shamanic Journey


Learning the language of Spirit

Shadow Work

Healing our past wounds

Past Lives

Belief Systems

Sacred Geometry

Sacred Space




Divination of all sorts

Soul Retrieval for self

Not only will you learn new topics and tools for growth, but we will walk with you in your own personal spiritual work. You will bring what you have been working on to the next meeting and we will discuss possible ways to move forward and through what you are working on. We will not do the work for you. However, we will be present for you as you do your own work.


Usui Reiki Certification Courses

Reiki Training with Certification

Reiki Level 1


Best Package Offer

What is Reiki

History or Reiki

Scanning & Beaming

Receive Reiki Lvl 1 Attunement

Elements of a Reiki Session

Self Reiki

Class Schedule

Reiki Level 2


$20 discount for return students

Reiki Symbols

Healing Habbits & Patterns

Distance Reiki Session

Three Pillars of Reiki

Receive Reiki lvl 2 Attunement

Complete Reiki Session on Others

Developing your Reiki Practice

Class Schedule

Reiki Master Teacher


Reiki Meditation

Crystal Grids

Aura Clearing

Master Reiki Symbols

Receive Reiki Master Attunement

The Healing  Attunement

How to Teach & Attune Others

Chakra Dowsing with Pendulum

Class Schedule