Rachel Johnson

Rachel is a licensed massage therapist, certified reiki level two practitioner, and certified life coach.

"I am passionate about helping others live an authentic life and reach their highest potential. I have learned through many life experiences the grace that I am granted every day and in every situation. Whether I am giving a massage, reiki or coaching, it is through, holding space for others and sharing my experiences, that I am able to be a vessel of Grace and Love for others. 

I am so grateful to have the chance to work with you and excited for you to experience the freedom and happiness of living as your authentic self."


Rachel offers intuitively guided therapeutic and deep tissue massage. 


Reiki is a hands on healing modality for rest and relaxation awakening your bodies own innate ability to heal.

Life Coaching

Rachel currently offers life coaching to assist in finding your authentic self and discovering your life's purpose.

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