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Shamanic Journey and Power Animal Retrieval

Practitioner will journey on your behalf & provide an email write-up of the journey. This journey time is included in the 1.5 hour session time. The practitioner will give you a phone call at your scheduled appointment time to discuss the journey and give additional insights and guidance.


1 hour journey

30 min phone call

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Full Shamanic Session with Shamanic Journey

Only Available via Distance

Practitioner will journey on your behalf prior to your scheduled appointment time. This journey time is included in the 3-3.5 hour session time. Your actual session time will be approximately 2 to 2.5 hours. The practitioner will call you at your appointed time.


1 hour journey

2-2.5 hour session

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Home Cleansing and Blessing

Free Consultation

On Site

1 to 2 Practitioners


2-4 Hours

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What our customers are saying

Pilar is a gifted intuitive with a natural aptitude toward the healing arts. 

Krista Ginn