Medicine Wheel

Journey with the energy of the four directions


What is the Medicine Wheel?

I teach the Peruvian and cross-cultural Medicine Wheel. Derived from teachers and healers like Alberto Villoldo, Michael Harner, and Sandra Ingraman it is also known as Core Shamanism. Many of the shamans or medicine men and women of the indigenous tribes of North America, South America and Siberia share the same core beliefs and traditions. Micheal Harner and Alberto Villoldo took these practices and stripped them of the cultural elements so they would be "accessible" to the western spiritual seekers. Core shamanism does not hold a fixed belief system, but instead focuses on the individuals relationship and experience with the spirit realm through shamanic journeying, power animal retrieval, and various healing techniques.

Why take the Medicine Wheel?

Some take the Medicine Wheel for their own personal healing journey. Others take it to expand and deepen their own healing practice. Regardless of your reasons for taking the journey of the Wheel, the result is the same. You will transform your life as you uncover and clear all that has held you in patterns which do not serve your joy, growth, expansion, prosperity, health, relationships, and vitality. As you heal your inner reality, your outer reality has no choice but to heal along with you. You will shed everything you are not and step into who you are becoming.

What does it consist of?

The Medicine Wheel is a year long journey. We will gather 4 times, once every 3 months, for 4 days. Each gathering will begin on Thursday at 9 AM and end Sunday at 3 PM. We currently gather at a retreat home in Rougemont, NC. It is highly encouraged to stay in the accommodations provided to allow for a completely immersive experience. Each gathering will consist of lecture, hands on training, ceremony, individual and group activities. You will be assigned homework in between gatherings which require an average of 1-3 hours per week to complete. You will have individual assignments along with working with your fellow students via in person, phone, or video chat. There will also be a few required items to gather/purchase for your mesa. It will also be required that you check-in with me each month to asses your progress, address any concerns or difficulties you have and to just see how you are doing. I will be there to guide you and support you along your journey.

What is the cost?

The Medicine Wheel is $500 per gathering plus $125 for accommodations for a total of $625 per quarter, $2500 for the year long course. We will be staying in a private retreat home. You will be sharing a bedroom with another student. Please contact me if you need other sleeping arrangements. Early check in Wednesday evening is highly recommended and offered at no extra cost. Additional costs will be your meals and a few items for your mesa (Medicine Bundle) which will vary depending on what you put into it. A $500 non refundable deposit to reserve your accommodations for the year is required to register. The balance due for each quarter ( $500/gathering) is due 1 month prior to our gathering date. Payment plans available upon request.

Medicine Wheel

Journey with the energy of the four directions


Medicine Wheel


Contact Krista directly to register for this class.



This Group Starts In October 2019. Our last gathering is July 2020 and you will receive certification in Oct 2020 

Class has begun and registration is closed



This Group Starts In February 2020. Our last gathering is November 2020 and you will receive certification in Feb 2021

This Class has begun and registration is closed.



This Group Starts In January 2021. Our last gathering is October 2021 and you will receive certification in Jan 2022

Registration is OPEN.

Registration for this class is open. $500 deposit to reserve your spot. Class start date and gathering dates are tentative and subject to change. Early registration is suggested to ensure your spot. There is a limited number of spots available. Tentative dates are as follows:  Jan 14th-17th, Apr 15th-18th, Jul 15th-18th, Oct 14-17.