Justine Insonia

Justine is from Denver, CO and grew up in a home where spirituality, magic, and imagination were encouraged. She embarked on a deep healing path in 2017, bringing her own healing into focus by incorporating daily meditation. Her path has been an adventure into self discovery, healing, and seeing her true self for the first time. At this point, she felt the need to share and expand her gifts with others. She wanted to help others light their own flame and discover how to live a life full of beautiful energy, love, and compassion.

She is a Reiki Master, Massage Therapist, Vibrational Tuning Practitioner, and a Shamanic Practitioner (Full Mesa Carrier). She graduated from the Cayce/Riley School of massage and is certified in Vibrational Tuning through Soma Energetics. She has completed the Peruvian and Cross Culture Medicine Wheel subsequently qualifying her as a Shamanic practitioner. She has woven all of her healing and training into her own Medicine and is here to help others start and expand their own healing journey becoming co-creators of their own life.


Justine offers intuitively guided Energy Flow Massage

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